Storage of data in private cloud

Are you interested in having your data and information stored under supervision in your company, but at the same time your business requires, that they are to be available in real time and from various places? Create your own cloud by means of the SharePoint. You will gain complete control over your data and information, which will be placed in your company, but due to the private cloud you will be able to access them anytime and anywhere.

A private cloud is based on the applications OneDrive for Business and Office Web Apps (WAC). You can take the SharePoint with you also during travels with shared documents, to update your information channel or activities or to follow through mobile telephone or tablet what your colleagues are doing.

Securing data by means of infrastructure

You can secure the data in SharePoint also in a traditional way, namely by their placing on the host servers in geographically distributed data centers with continuous backup of data, with top possibilities of recovery after failure and the support of team of experts, who continuously monitor the servers.

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