Support of cooperation of working teams

Thanks to MS SharePoint, the sharing of projects, tasks, working documents, printed forms, calendars, various data and information with colleagues and superiors is smooth, fast and simple. It even does not matter whether you are in the same office or building, or completely in another city, in another country or on another continent, always and without any limitations you will have an access to real information and data.

The simple storing and sharing data only starts the list of advantages, offered by the SharePoint. Due to its functions you can both organize the projects, tasks, calendars, documents, as well as track their progress and clearly expose your outputs. Each new version of a document will be stored by MS SharePoint in such a way, that you will be able to return to the original version and to the changes performed in it. Several users can work together at the same time on one document, project or task without limitations. The SharePoint enables direct monitoring of changes in the data and at the same time it sends the notifications about changes and news.

Your departments and teams can cooperate among themselves more effectively. Workflow (processes/working procedures) can be set in MS SharePoint uniquely and appropriately to the needs of your company.

Thanks to the repository of documents,
you have all the documents stored in one place
and classified into individual lists and libraries, for instance:

Financial and economic agenda

Books of commitments

Personnel agenda

Business trips

Organizational agenda

Meetings and tasks
Project management
Reservation of resources (vehicles, meeting rooms etc.)

Management of documents (DMS)

Printed forms
Filing department

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