I have the license for SharePoint,
but I do not know, how to use it

Did you get the license of SharePoint, but the information - how to use it correctly and which advantages it brings - were not the part of the package? If you want to know closer information, you are in correct place.

SharePoint is the platform, on which it is possible to build and develop modules according to the requirements of your company. Most often it is used for streamlining the processes in these fields:

  • 1

    Intranet of the company

  • 2

    Financial and economic agenda

    Books of commitments and receivables

  • 3

    Personnel agenda

    Business trips

  • 4

    Organizational agenda

    Meetings and tasks
    Project management
    Reservation of resources (vehicles, meeting rooms, etc.)

  • 5

    Management of documents (DMS)

    Printed forms
    Filing department

How to do it?


Contact us and we will navigate you through the options of SharePoint system, we will configure it according to your ideas, possibly we will develop further modules, which will be considered as crucial for your company.

In the case that you did not meet yet an operating SharePoint, we recommend you to check its properties through online viewing of the system, which we have prepared for you. Or you can offer us 2 hours of your time and come to our Demo Center, where our experts for MS SharePoint will devote to you. You will check the MS SharePoint free of charge and will have the possibility to ask them specific questions concerning its implementation in your company.

In the case that you have questions
or are interested in free consultation,

do not hesitate and contact us

I have the SharePoint, but I do not know,
whether I utilize all its advantages


Have you installed and put into operation the basic version of SharePoint, but you do not know how to further use it effectively? Contact us. We will find together a solution of processes, which will support the operation of your company.

About how also you can utilize the SharePoint, you will get to know in our case studies, or you can read more on its key properties.


In the case that you have questions
or are interested in free consultation,


do not hesitate and contact us

Also in the case that you know for what you want to use the SharePoint, but you have not qualified or free people for its parametrization, do not hesitate to contact us.

I do not know SharePoint at all,
but I was captured by its concept

Do you want to pay your attention to your goals and plans? So let everything else to SharePoint from us.

MS SharePoint is the platform, on which it is possible to build and develop modular solutions according to requirements of your company. The purchase of license is only first step to the achievement of a successful aim, which is, in addition to making internal processes more effective, also:

  • the support of cooperation of working teams

    Read more

  • the searching through contents across the entire company

    Read more

  • the presentation of statistics, graphs and KPI

    Read more

  • Storage of data in private cloud

    Read more

  • Social network for your employees

    Read more

The MS SharePoint platform brings the instruments for management of processes in your company – the built-in workflow engine enables managing the processes at the professional level. The typical use of management of processes in the company is the approval of invoices, orders or order slips.

The biggest contribution of MS SharePoint is in these fields:

  • order in documents and information,
  • full-text search,
  • history of versions,
  • organizer of contents,
  • processes above documents (workflow).


Contact us and we will navigate you through the options of system,
we will configure the MS SharePoint according to
your ideas, possibly we will develop further modules,
which will be considered as crucial for your company.


experts for SharePoint

I have SharePoint,
but it no more complies with my requirements

Are you using SharePoint 2007, 2010 or 2013, but it already does not comply with growing requirements of your company? Are you looking for a possibility, how to orientate in this situation? Are you interested for the migration into newest version of MS SharePoint? Contact us.

SharePoint is the platform, which is continuously being developed and it is extending its functionality according to needs of its users. Older versions are admittedly still actual and functional, but they do not offer you advantages and functions of newest version on the market. The advantage of platform SharePoint is that it offers you the possibility to develop modules, which you lack for smooth operation of the company. Besides other things, you have also the possibility to migrate to its higher version and gain in this way all its new advantages and functions.

If you are in doubts whether you use your SharePoint to 100 %, we offer you the analysis, through which you will find which further possibilities are offered to you by MS SharePoint.

Use the possibility of free consultation in our company,
during which we will look to specific requirements of your company.

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I want to make processes in the company more effective

Are you interested in how to effectively manage financial, production, sales, logistic and other processes in your company? Do you devote to services and project management and internal processes begin to overwhelm you? Do you look for a suitable technology, by means of which you can manage and direct processes in the company? SharePoint is the right thing for you.




Would be a personal meeting more convenient for you?
Devote us 2 hours of your time
and during the free consultation we will go through your requirements
and advantages of SharePoint for your company.


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I want intranet, DMS or CMS solution


Do you look for a solution how to create a simple, clear and efficient intranet for your company? Are you interested also in questions of systems for management and circulation of documents? You are in the right place, read more.

A company’s information system in the form of intranet brings flexible solutions with simple control for users. The SharePoint is one of the most popular technologies, on which companies are building their intranets.

Which advantages does intranet on SharePoint bring?

  • easy usage for users,
  • integration with other technologies and systems (e.g. SAP),
  • flexible possibilities of management,
  • possibility of customization according to your ideas,
  • possibility of development of further modules for your company with their base on MS SharePoint,
  • you gain the client’s license for MS SharePoint usually together with the purchase of the other licenses for products of Microsoft company,
    na produkty spoločnosti Microsoft,
  • MS SharePoint exists also in the version Online, due to which you will save further costs for management of your own infrastructure.

For its simple user procedures, your employees will quickly take a liking to intranet and start using it, what will make its maintenance and further innovations easy.

Systems for management and circulation of documents and information (Document Management System and Content Management System) can be the part of your intranet on SharePoint. Create a complex information system for your company, thanks to which you will have an immediate overview and access to all your information, documents and data.


Find more at our page www.spravadokumentov.sk, or make an appointment on a
free consultation, during which we will go through your requirements.


Manage information, data and documents of the company quickly, simply and effectively.


about management of documents

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